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Assumption of Account (Commercial)
Change the name to the current end user to the new owner of the account.
Who will process?
Spouse of New Owner

1. Bring a valid ID — one of each from registered customer and spouse to the ILPI Pala-o Office. you have no valid ID, a police clearance is/are required. You must also bring your original and a photocopy of your Marriage Contract.
2. Prepare and provide photocopy of Deed of Sale or any supporting documents as proof of ownership.
3. Prepare and provide a photocopy of Business Permit or DTI certification, as well as your BIR Certification of Registration.
4. Your application is subject for inspection within thirty (30) working days and will be approved only when they are compliant to standards.
5. Pay the assessment fee and sign the service contract at the ILPI Office.
6. After assessment is paid and service contract is signed, account will be updated.