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Assumption of Account (Residential)
Change the name to the current end user to the new owner of the account.
Who will assume the account number?
New Owner

1. Bring original and provide photocopy of valid ID to the ILPI Pala-o Office. If you have no valid ID, police clearance is required.
2. Prepare and provide photocopy of Deed of Sale or any supporting documents as proof of ownership.
3. ILPI will give you an affidavit that will be notarized by you.
4. Once requirements are complete, ILPI will begin the initial assessment.
5. Your application is subject for inspection within ten (10) working days.
6. If your application is compliant with standards, ILPI will approve the assumption of account.
7. After assessment is paid and service contract is signed, account will be updated.

If representative will process
8. A duly notarized Special Power of Attorney or Affidavit prepared by ILPI.
9. Original and photocopy of your Valid ID and your representative.