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Service Drop Issues
The electric wire connected to your meter is what we call the "service drop."
How can we help you with your Service Drop?
Replace Service Drop
This happens when a service wire needs to be replaced. This can be due to the existing wire which is no longer fid to your load, or your existing wire is already old and tattered. This is commonly done for safety reasons.
1. If you own the service wire, visit our Pala-o office so we can create a request. You will also need to pay the service fee amounting to PhP22.40.
2. You will be guided by our ILPI engineers on which wires to prepare. Seek assistance from your Private Electrician for length and size estimations. Let us know if you are unable to provide wire.
3. After payment, the request will be sent to our teams. You will then sign the Job Order.
REMINDER: The transfer may incur material charges. If they do, they will be charged to your account based on actual usage. These additional payables will be added to your current bill.