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Engineering Assistant
No. of Vacant Positions: 1
DEPARTMENT/SECTION: Systems Engineering

— Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering
— At least 1 year experience in electrical engineering works within the industry:
   particularly Electrical Engineering Projects and Line Construction Projects
— License Required:
  • Professional Driver's License (Restriction 1, 2)
— Knowledge and Skills in
  • Philippine Electrical, Distribution and Grid Codes
  • Line Construction
  • Project Management
  • Materials Inventory
  • Defensive Driving
  • Basic Computer; Master in Excel is an advantage
Interested applicants may submit their application online at hrs@iliganlight.com or send their letter of intent to HR: Human Resources Services, Administration Department, Iligan Light and Power, Inc., Pala-o or Luinab Office not later than September 10, 2019 .