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Service Drop Issues
The electric wire connected to your meter is what we call the "service drop."
How can we help you with your Service Drop?
Remove Service Drop

1. If you want to have your service drop removed, you can call our hotline numbers. Be ready with your ILPI account number/name of the account holder.
2. Since we will be removing your service drop, we will be charging a Service Fee for the request for service drop removal.
3. Come to the ILPI office and pay the service fee. After payment, we will notify our metering section. Our Metering team can remove your service drop a week after your payment.
4. The idle/abandoned service drop is removed and the wire is returned to ILPI (if it is property of ILPI).
5. If you had purchased your service drop, or it is beyond the standard 60 meters that ILPI provided, you may be able to claim the service drop wire.