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Disconnected Account
Reactivate (Meter removed)
1. Personally visit our Pala-o Office with our requirements and ask for a reconnection of account from any of our service processors.
2. Bring the following. If you are:
The Reg. Customer: Valid I.D (Original & Photocopy)
Representative: Valid ID of Reg Cust & Rep. (Photocopy) and SPA/Affidavit (notarized)
3. Application is subject for inspection within ten (10) working days. Make sure to have a representative at home to wait for the Service Inspector.
4. Comply all materials being required by our Service Inspector.
5. Call the ILPI hotline to inform us that materials are installed.
6. Wait for another inspection within ten (10) working days.
7. The Service Inspector will check the metering outfit to see if if it still conforms with the metering standards.
8. The Service Inspector will give you an Inspector's Report, once your Application is approved.
9. Visit our ILPI Pala-o Office a day after the date of inspection to pay your Outstanding Balance, Bill Deposit and Service Fee. You will also be signing a new contract with us.
10. Wait within 10 working days to reactivate your account.