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Temporary Connection
You can request for a flat rate. This is a temporary connection for lighting purposes only that lasts until 15 days, subject to assessment.
I want to avail of the flat rate but my load is too big.
If you have unusual loads that will consume a big amount of electricity, ILPI needs a request letter and schedule of loads signed by your Professional Electrical Engineer.
1. Bring along your request letter and Schedule of Loads signed by your Professional Electrial Engineer. Indicate your contact details. This is a strict requirement, for your safety. The schedule of loads is required in order for us to determine how big your consumption is without hampering the nearby accounts. Our staff engineers will advise on what should be done to properly accommodate your request in the safest way.
2. Your request is subject for inspection. Please ensure that you are on site to accommodate our Staff Engineer during inspection.
3. After inspection is done, assessment will follow and is subject for approval. It will be approved if the connection is compliant with our standards.
4. Pay all related fees. After payment, our team will visit again for the installation. Prepare the necessary materials needed for such connection. You must be on-site to assist our team.
5. If the service denied because of non-compliance, you need to rectify the deficiency and inform ILPI as soon as everything is OK for inspection.