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Change Classification
Is done when the classification is not appropriate for the nature of service. Residential accounts may be changed to commercial accounts, and vise versa, if conditions are met.
If applicant or representative will process

1. Prepare and provide request letter for Change Classification addressed to The Supervisor, Customer Service, ILPI, Bro. Raymund Jeffrey Road, Pala-o, Iligan City.
2. Bring original and photocopy of Valid ID.
3. Fill out the ILPI affidavit form and have it notarized.
4. Once requirements are complete, ILPI will begin the initial assessment.
5. Your application is subject for inspection within ten (10) working days.
6. If your application is compliant with standards, ILPI will approve change of classification.
7. After assessment is paid and service contract is signd, account will be updated.