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I want to Close my Account.
1. You may go to our Consumer Welfare Desk representative, in our Pala-o Office, to request for account to be closed. If a representative is processing this for you, he must bring a request letter indicating authorization from you.
2. Once you go to our office please bring the following:
Valid ID of registered Customer
Request Letter
₱22.40 Service Fee
3. If you are not the registered account holder, please bring a Special Power of Attorney, duly signed by the account holder, together with your valid ID and the requirements listed above.
4. ILPI will not deal with "fixers", or people processing many applications at one time. We encourage you to deal with our office personally or with someone you trust so we can avoid any problems related to your account.
What ILPI Will Do:
1. The termination of your account will happen within a day to a week from request. Our Metering team will cut the connection at your residence or establishment.
2. Our metering team will conduct the final reading and removes the meter.
3. Our Billing and Collection team will make the final billing based on your account's last meter reading
4. The last billing is prepared and the final amount you will be paying is determined.
5. You will be advised on the availability of your last bill.
6. You may then process your deposit refund.